Your Ultimate Guide To Genital Piercings

There is something amazingly hot about a rock hard cock with a glinting silver barbell through the foreskin. There is not only something hot about looking at it, but a guy with a pierced cock can feel so good when its base deep inside your butt. Maybe it’s the feeling of the piercing against the prostate, or maybe it’s something more mysterious – something we haven’t discovered yet. Whatever it is, it feels fucking incredible. Indeed, piercings are extreme, but among the rainbow crowd, they are quite popular – and I’m talking mainly about genital piercings. In fact, there are more ways than one to pierce a cock – many more ways. Reading this article might make you say ouch, but at the end you’ll admit to yourself that you were more turned on than anything.

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Here is your ultimate guide to genital piercings

Prince Albert. Okay, this is the most common genital piercing, but most people don’t have any idea what it is. This is where the penis head is pierced through the urethra and out the side. You can attach a ring or a wand like ring, which is called a prince’s wand. When you get a Prince Albert piercing, you want to make sure the ring isn’t too thin, or else you can actually cut your penis head in half, which isn’t fun. Also, you want to pierce just around the frenulum, then the piercing won’t be too painful – whatever that means. The best part about this piercing is that it only takes a couple of days to heal.

The Apadravya. This amazing piercing is actually mentioned in the ancient sexual guidebook known as the Kama Sutra. The piercing goes clean through the penis head – from the top to the bottom. You usually wear a barbell like piercing, which can make sex feel incredible. Also, because this piercing goes through the glands, it can make sex for the person wearing the piercing feel really incredible too. However, this piercing is not for the faint of heart – it can hurt a lot, so you have to have a high pain threshold. Also, it takes up to six months to heal.

The Ampallang. This is basically the horizon version of the Apadravya. Instead of going through the top of the penis head, this piercing goes through the side. It has many of the same benefits and downsides – it is painful as hell, but feels incredible during sex. Healing time is about six months. In addition, you can combine the Ampallang and Apadravya to create what is known as a Magic Cross. You can also place the Ampallang through the shaft of the penis.

The Dydoe. This piercing is mainly reserved for the circumcised guys out there. Basically the piercing includes two rings in the ridge of the head of the penis – on the outside – and it goes up and under the head and through the glands. With this piercing you usually use two barbells, but you can use rings. Also, multiple Dydoe piercings are called a King’s Crown, because you can think of it like a crown worn around your penis head. If you get this same piercing, but made deep into the glands, it’s called a Zephyr.

Frenum piercing. This piercing is through the frenum, which is on the underside of the penis – right under the head. This piercing is always horizontal and mostly done with a barbell. Some people pierce up and down their frenum, which is called a Frenum Ladder. This piercing, because it doesn’t go through the glands, has a relatively short heal time of two to three weeks.

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If you do decide to get any one of these piercings, make sure that you are completely healed before you have sex. Not only can it be painful to have sex if your piercing is not fully healed, but it can also spread some nasty diseases. Cleanliness is everything when you are healing from any of the above piercings. In fact, while you are healing, you might want to stay away from sex altogether. Yet, when you are all healed, sex will feel so incredible. If you aren’t the piercing type, now you’ll know what to look after – you might even have something to talk about.

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