What To Do If Your Guy Moves Too Fast

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When you are with a guy it can be hard to know where things are actually going. You might think you are on your way to cuddle town, but about 2 minutes later he is trying to grab your penis like it’s the emergency pull cord on a runaway train. What if you just aren’t […]


Oversized Sex Toys

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Here are some oversized sex toys at AdamMale.com…   Don’t forget to use coupon code FRAT at AdamMale.com checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift and FREE Shipping on your entire order!


Things You Need To Know About Gay Bondage Sex

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A lot of people are confused about gay bondage. They think gay bondage sex is perverted, weird or satanic. Well, the truth is that bondage sex can actually be really fun. Sometimes, it can be nice to get tied down, blindfolded and fucked into submission. The whole idea surrounding gay bondage is submission, domination and […]


Top 5 Reasons To Go To Gay Pride

Jun 25, 2014 Comments Off

Hey there, I’m Justin from the http://bit.ly/TheGayFrat and I’m here to tell you guys the top 5 reasons why you should go to Gay Pride events, parade, and festivals especially down here in Orlando, Miami Beach, Florida. The first year I came out, I feel much obligated to attend the gay pride festival. I’m glad I did […]

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Must Have Gay Sex Toys At AdamMale.com

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If you haven’t visited AdamMale.com lately, you probably don’t know that there are a lot of fun new gay sex toys in the shop. Don’t worry – there are still a bunch of classic gay toys that you can get your hands on too. When it comes to gay adult sex toys, you have a […]

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No Strings-Attached Hookups at Gay Pride Festivals

Jun 18, 2014 Comments Off

Gay Pride festivals are amazing and there seems to be everywhere now. Of course, you’ll get all the fun and excitement when it comes to participating in Gay Pride Festivals. But going to these events wouldn’t be as much as enjoyable without having a few hookups. There’s like a ton these guys who fly into […]

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Guide to Gay Threesomes

Jun 16, 2014 Comments Off

A gay threesome is a little bit like a cocktail. You have the vermouth or tonic, you have the bitters or aromatics and then you have the liquor – be it vodka, rum, whiskey or bourbon. If you add the wrong ingredient or not enough of one ingredient, the whole thing will either make you want to […]

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Getting Drinks and Drunken Gay Bars and Night Clubs

Jun 11, 2014 Comments Off

Be in and be a member of this Gay Fraternity! Are you ready to go to gay bars? Are you legally allowed to enter gay bars? If YES, then here are the rules on getting hooked up and getting drinks and drunken gay bars and night clubs… Go to  http://TheGayFrat.com for the latest and hottest ideas for […]

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Gay Guys Having Fun at Night Clubs Bathroom

Jun 04, 2014 Comments Off

Gay Bars are the best place for all the gays out there to be just gay all night long! So, if you’re going to a gay bar you should have fun interacting with other gays! And for all the girls out there, we love you, we like hanging out with you, but please gay Bars […]

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Best Gay Vacation Spots

May 28, 2014 Comments Off

Are you looking for a gay vacation destination? Want to go somewhere romantic with your boy toy? Are you a sugar daddy looking for a hot, steamy gay vacation spot to ravage your little honey-boy? The summer is almost here, so it is almost too late to book tickets before they get ridiculous expensive, but […]

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