Dating A Broke Guy

Apr 04, 2014 Comments Off by

Having money is great and having no money is not. That’s how it goes, right? Money can buy you fancy things, like expensive dinners, watches, and all other things material that is meaningless, but make you feel so amazing for 5 minutes. Materialism aside, however, money can give you the freedom to do what you […]


Questions To Ask Before Sex

Mar 29, 2014 Comments Off by

Sex is a big leap – a really big leap. Like, how did I get from eating dinner at a restaurant to being in bed with this guy with all my clothes off? Sex is also a big commitment. Sometimes when you do the deed, you feel like you are signing some kind of contract. […]


5 Rules of Getting a Gay Wedding Gift

Mar 23, 2014 Comments Off by

Now that gay marriage is proliferating throughout this great gay nation, it has only one drawback: having to shop for a wedding gift. Getting a gay wedding gift is different from getting any other kind of gift, because it has to be perfect. There is nothing like being judged by a newly married gay couple. […]


5 Creative Ways To Come Out of the Closet

Mar 17, 2014 Comments Off

There is a wrong way and a right way to come out of the closet. Yet, whatever way you do it, there is never a pleasant way. Although, for most, it will definitely feel like you are unburdening yourself of a deep dark secret. Because homosexuality has been viewed as being on the fringe for so […]

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Best Gay Bars in San Francisco

Mar 11, 2014 No Comments

Some say that San Francisco is a gay mecca – Well, throw down your prayer mat, open wide and turn west, because the City by The Bay is the holiest of holiest homosexual havens on Earth. Is that sacrilegious? – I don’t really care, because in this town you’ll be slapped with so many dicks […]

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Gay Marriage Pros and Cons

Mar 05, 2014 1 Comment

Right now, the big gay debate is raging. Lawmakers are wondering: should we let the queens get married? And the queens are wondering: do we want to be just like everyone else? Gay marriage is a hot button topic right and a lot of people are weighing the same sex marriage advantages and disadvantages. In […]

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Gay Flirting Tips: How To Gay Flirt

Feb 26, 2014 No Comments

A lot of guys think they can walk into a gay bar and just let the guys stick to them like flies to fly paper ­– no gay flirting necessary. However, this tactic is not very classy. Sure, you could just see what sticks, but what if you want some quality – not quantity? What […]

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Gay NYC: Best Gay Bars In Manhattan

Feb 22, 2014 151 Comments

Here’s an overall look at gay bars in Manhattan as well as some of the quieter haunts that the city offers. New York is here to embrace you! The gayborhoods here are distinct and clustered, like most major metropolitan cities. I’ll work my way uptown, personifying the East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. […]

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Meet Gay Men: We Come In All Colors

Dec 07, 2013 143 Comments

I feel like when most republican homophobes think of us oh so fearless “gays,” they think that we’re all a bunch of pansy nincompoops with no wrist muscles, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Meet gay men that you couldn’t tell were gay in a million years. Also, there are gay guys that […]

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A Few Non-Typical Ways To Meet Guys

Nov 26, 2013 138 Comments

Cruising has gotten such a bad name for itself over the years. I mean, what’s so bad about meeting a guy, having sex with him and then shaking your two sweaty hands together to say goodbye without even know each other’s names? Almost everything under the sun had been said about gay dating. How much […]

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